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Why Choose eazi Capital?

eazi Capital, founded in 2018 by a team of high performing industry professionals has launched this services for Traded Endowment and Traded Whole Life Policies. We are an independent service provider for the purchase of local traded policies in the secondary market.

More than 20 years of experience, our team of Specialist can buy your premature policy and pay a higher cash value than your insurer.

For Investor who are looking at growing your investments with a Safe, Secure and Stable returns, eazi Capital probably is your preferred service provider for traded policies.

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what we do

  • We Are The Solution

    • Buy Traded Policy: Investors looking to buy endowment policies in the secondary market earn the inherent returns upon maturity of the plan.
    • Sell Your Endowment or Whole Life Policy: Clients receive cash payment potentially worth hundreds or thousands more than the surrender value given by their insurers.
  • We Are The eazi-est

    • Straightforward: Immediate payment upon completion of transfer.
    • Faster Process: We value your time. The whole process takes approximately 15-25 minutes at the Insurer’s Customer Service Centre.
  • We Are The Best

    • Higher Value In Buyback: We pay you more than surrender value. Satisfaction guaranteed.
    • Amiable Specialist: Receive a professional policy valuation for free.